Pierce's Disease
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What is Pierce's Disease?

Pierce's Disease is a bacterial infection, which is spread by bugs that feed on grapevines, particularly the "glassy winged sharpshooter." Grapevines that become infected with PD can quickly become sick and die.

glassy-winged sharpshooter

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    Machado, MA
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October 01, 2008 Assessment of the diagnostic potential of Immmunocapture-PCR and Immuno-PCR for Citrus Variegated Chlorosis Journal of microbiological methods Peroni, LA; dos Reis, JRR; Della Coletta, H; de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; Stach-Machado, DR;
September 01, 2008 Chemical characterization of Citrus sinensis grafted on C. limonia and the effect of some isolated compounds on the growth of Xylella fastidiosa Journal of agricultural and food chemistry de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; Ribeiro, AB; Abdelnur, PV; Garcia, CF; Belini, A; Severino, VGP; Silva, MFDGF; Fernandes, JB; Vieira, PC; de Carvalho, SA;
December 01, 2007 Comparative genomic characterization of citrus-associated Xylella fastidiosa strains Bmc genomics de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; da Silva, VS; Shida, CS; Rodrigues, FB; Ribeiro, DCD; Coletta-Filho, HD; Nunes, LR; de Oliveira, RC;
December 01, 2007 Evaluation of the genetic diversity of Xylella fastidiosa strains from citrus and coffee hosts by single-nucleotide polymorphism markers Phytopathology Machado, MA; Lemos, EGM; Wickert, E;
January 01, 2008 Copper resistance of biofilm cells of the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa Applied microbiology and biotechnology de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; Coletta-Filho, HD; Rodrigues, CM; Takita, MA; Olivato, JC; Caserta, R;
September 01, 2007 Xylella fastidiosa disturbs nitrogen metabolism and causes a stress response in sweet orange Citrus sinensis cv. Pera Journal of experimental botany Machado, MA; Purcino, RP; Medina, CL; Martins, D; Winck, FV; Machado, EC; Novello, JC; Mazzafera, P;
August 01, 2007 Analysis of resistance to Xylella fastidiosa within a hybrid population of Pera sweet orange x Murcott tangor Plant pathology Machado, MA; Takita, MA; Coletta, HD; Pereira, EO; Souza, AA; Cristofani-Yale, M;
March 01, 2007 Population fluctuation of sharpshooters vectors of Xylella fastidiosa wells et al. in commercial citrus groves in Northwestern Parand State Neotropical entomology Machado, MA; Zanutto, CA; Nunes, WMC; Molina, RDO; De Albuquerque, FA; Corazza-Nunes, MJ;
February 01, 2007 Absence of classical heat shock response in the citrus pathogen Xylella fastidiosa Current microbiology Della Coletta, H; Machado, MA; Martins, D; Winck, FV; Novello, JC; Astua-Monge, G; Baldasso, PA; de Oliveira, BM; Marangoni, S; Smolka, MB;
February 17, 2010 Absence of Classical Heat Shock Response in the Citrus Pathogen Xylella fastidiosa (vol 54, pg 119, 2007) Current microbiology Della Coletta, H; Machado, MA; Winck, FV; Novello, JC; Astua-Monge, G; Baldasso, PA; de Oliveira, BM; Marangoni, S; Smolka, MB; Martins-de-Souza, D;
February 17, 2010 Quantification of the chemical profile induced in healthy Citrus sinensis and C. limonia by inoculation with Xylella fastidiosa Planta medica Machado, MA; Fernandes, JB; Vieira, PC; Soares, MS; Forim, MR; da Silva, MFGF; Rodrigues-Fo, E; Cass, QB; Souza, AS;
July 01, 2010 Expression of Xylella fastidiosa Fimbrial and Afimbrial Proteins during Biofilm Formation Applied and environmental microbiology de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; Stach-Machado, DR; Takita, MA; Caserta, R; Rosselli-Murai, LK; de Souza, AP; Targon, ML; Peroni, L; Andrade, A; Labate, CA; Kitajima, EW;
August 01, 2011 Identification of defence-related genes expressed in coffee and citrus during infection by Xylella fastidiosa European journal of plant pathology de Souza, AA; Machado, MA; Mehta, A; do Amaral, AM; Carazzolle, MF; Rabello, FR; Martins, NF; Freitas-Astua, J; Pereira, GAG;
September 01, 2011 Analysis of the biofilm proteome of Xylella fastidiosa Proteome science Machado, MA; Takita, MA; Labate, CA; Silva, MS; De Souza, AA;