Pierce's Disease
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What is Pierce's Disease?

Pierce's Disease is a bacterial infection, which is spread by bugs that feed on grapevines, particularly the "glassy winged sharpshooter." Grapevines that become infected with PD can quickly become sick and die.

glassy-winged sharpshooter

March 2011 news archives

  • Defining Sustainability: A Concept of Varied Means
    Palate Pres March 28, 2011

    For example, Pierce's Disease is a huge problem in Texas and thus pesticide standards there would understandably be more lenient than elsewhere. But a proliferation of different standards will only c ...

  • San Mateo County pest inspection programs could face cuts
    San Francisco Examiner March 24, 2011

    (Mike Koozmin/The Examiner) San Mateo County's efforts to prevent the glassy-winged sharpshooter , the gypsy moth and other harmful pests from damaging a $150 million agricultural industry may take a ...

  • IPM Specialist Frank Zalom named recipient of prestigious award
    Western Farm Press March 15, 2011

    The Zalom lab has responded to six important pest invasions in the last decade, with research projects on glassy-winged sharpshooter , olive fruit fly, a new biotype of greenhouse whitefly, invasive ...

  • The Vineyard at Florence. A New Winery Starts With Years of Experience
    D Magazine March 14, 2011

    These varieties have traditionally had as their primary virtue their resistance to Pierce's Disease , which is widespread in the state. Furthermore, these vines are pre-pubescent, in winemaking terms ...

  • Sniffing out trouble
    Stockton Record March 14, 2011

    The state has notably taken on the Mediterranean fruit fly, glassy winged sharpshooter and European grapevine moth, among others, in often expensive eradication programs. As one check against such in ...

  • County supervisors to choose members of new redistricting committee
    Visalia Times-Delta March 14, 2011

    Vote to approve an agreement for the county to receive a $1 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture to continue running the local Area Wide Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Management Program. ...

  • San Luis Obispo neighborhood treated for pests
    San Luis Obispo Tribune March 05, 2011

    Jennifer Steele, left, and James Moore, technicians with the county's Agriculture Department, treat a backyard citrus tree for the glassy-winged sharpshooter in The Arbors neighborhood ...

  • Secretary sharpens budget-cutting ax
    Capital Press March 03, 2011

    For example, the plan cuts nearly $2.5 million from the $11.56 million currently budgeted for border inspection stations, $1.12 million from the Pierce's Disease management program that now receives ...